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Slow ferry docked beside small boats Pictures

The Slow Ferry to Cheung Chau is not actually that slow, it takes 55 minutes to make the trip from the time the gate closes at Central Pier 5 in Hong Kong until berthing at the pier in Cheung Chau harbour. A three level single hulled boat it has a variety of seating on different levels. The top section is known as Deluxe Class and costs twice as much, but has air-conditioning that you may appreciate in the summer. There are actually many different boats of this type and the one pictured, Xian Chao, is only one of them. While slightly varying in design they are all a great way to visit the island. Due to their size the ferries are very stable and only rock in the roughest of seas. Here in this picture they are seen beside fishing trawlers and sampans which give some idea of their scale.




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